I'VE SEEN THIS SHOW!!!!! 12 Sep 2005 by Michael Daniels

I was a student of Mrs. Bojtos's on Guam. This show blew my mind. I may have just been young, but it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. There were so many magic tricks and science experiments... It kept my interest because I never knew what was going to happen next. And the space shuttle was awesome.  I recommend to anyone who teaches science, math, or theatre to get this book. If you want to capture young minds, this is the way to go. It worked on me. I never got below a 90 in any science class after having Mrs. Bojtos Hart. I have never got below a 90 in any science class after having Mrs. Bojtos Hart.

Master Teacher Turns Aliens into Children (Just Kidding!)  November  2005 - American Embassy London Anyone who had the privilege of attending Sandra Hart's Science Show on Saturday, November 19, was given a unique opportunity to see a master teacher at work. Like a professor worthy of inclusion in a Harry Potter novel, she performed a myriad of "tricks" which delighted the children and impressed the adults. Her precise timing and humorous delivery insured that no one left uninspired.  The Community Liaison Office (CLO) office would like to thank Sandra for the immense amount of work she put into this presentation and for her obvious dedication and love for her subject matter.

Wait 'till you see the excitement on the children's faces!!!     21 May 2006 by Charles Spencer       

I have seen the show twice as well as read this book.  The book is well written and logically organized for anyone to do the space show. Added benefit are the listing of web sites and illustrations that help make the show that much better.  Any kid as well as any adult will find the show informative and fun. I cannot describe the children's excitement and fun during the show. Parents come up to Mrs. Hart after the show  telling her how spellbound their children were during the show. This is no BS! The way scientific fact and theorem were presented in the show will really make your kid want to learn and have fun doing it.

Space Show at Feltwell Elementary School   -   6 June 2006 by Tom LaRue Principal, Feltwell ES 

The experience was a unique one for our students. I was skeptical that they could maintain their attention for such an extended period of time, but clearly, Ms. Hart proved me wrong. Students were at the edge of their seats, and there was never a dull moment.

Student Reviews from West Ruislip, Elementary, London 

"Dear Mrs. Hart, I would like to thank you for the really awesome assembly.  I thought the whole assembly was great. I really liked the part where you made the can implode. The aliens were very funny. That was one of the most amazing assemblies I have ever seen. I think you should make a TV show with your talent. Well I gotta run. See ya." 

 "Dear Mrs. Hart, Thank you for coming to our school on Math Science Day. I really think that the show you presented was beyond fantastic. Everyone loved the part when you made the can make a pop sound. You showed things we would not try to do. Like when you made the cups with the string and sponge. I thought you were going to see if you light the sponge on fire and find out if the string would catch fire. But instead we just made evil laughing sounds with them. My favorite part of the show was when you lit the handkerchief on fire but nothing happened to it. To me that was just so great to understand how something could catch on fire without getting burned. The show was lovely and I just wanted to say thank you for the show." 

"Dear Mrs. Hart, I really liked your show. My favorite parts were when the can imploded, because anything imploding is cool. My other favorite part was when you burnt the paper and it just disappeared; now that was just awesome. It was really nice of you to come and show us your show. The spaceship was pretty neat, even though it wasn't what I thought it would be, but to tell you the truth what it was, was a lot better than what I thought it would be, Thank you very, very, much."