Space, Science and Other Things is an academically tested and proven method for giving audience members a chance to learn how science helps to create magic illusions and instilling the audience with a keen desire to learn about science while having fun in the process.  The concept behind the show is that almost every person enjoys magic and loves to be entertained. Not only do young people like magic shows; they also want to know “How it works?” Once given the secrets and instructions, many students will practice and perform some of the experiments/tricks to entertain family and friends.   Space, Science and Other Things consists of laboratory demonstrations and experiments presented as magic tricks using a space theme. Over one hundred audience volunteers are called up on stage and involved in the simple kitchen science experiments. The materials needed to make the experiments/tricks are generally found in the home. The musically enhanced show introduces comedy in the form of two special alien guests as they quest for knowledge and try to steal our “power.” Herein lies “THE REAL MAGIC” secret. As stated, the experiments/tricks in the show are based upon scientific principles. As the spectators participate in the demonstrations, they actually learn about the scientific concepts that make the experiments/tricks possible. They learn that science is fun, exciting and worth studying.  

                                                                                        About the Presenter  

As one of the 1996 National State Teachers of the Year, I had the opportunity to attend a ten-day, International Space Camp held in Huntsville, Alabama. Teachers of the year from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, attended the camp sponsored by a $70,000 grant from NASA. The Space and Rocket Center paid for the International students and Coca Cola picked up the tab for the International teachers with a $50,000 grant.   The space campers and teachers studied space shuttle operations, crew systems, rocketry, toured the Marshall Space Flight Center and were able to speak to astronauts aboard the shuttle. The teachers also got the chance to fly in single-engine airplanes. Leading scientists from the U.S. were flown into Space Camp to teach classes on hydroponics and satellite topography. Members of Werner Von Braun’s rocket team were also on hand to teach classes in rocketry.    Needless to say, the experience changed my life forever. Upon returning to my classroom, I researched ways to include what I had just learned into my everyday lessons to help my students foster a love of science and especially space science. The result of my time and effort produced a school-wide, interactive “Chemistry and Physics Show” using a space theme with my students being the actors, complete with aliens and a mock nose cone of the space shuttle, Endeavor.  The show included science, space science, magic, music, and most of all a ton of fun. The highly interactive presentation used approximately 75 students/parents from the audience in the course of an hour and a half. Volunteers from the audience were brought up on stage to do the experiments, reinforcing my philosophy of education…“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” This show is presented with the hopes of passing on my extreme love of science to students in a fun and exhilarating way. So relax, and get ready to have some serious fun. May the force be with you and see you in space.  Sandra


Interactive Space Show

Have you got the power?

Get ready for some extreme fun...chemistry/physics show which will fill the room with magic, music, laughter, experiments, sparks of electricity and aliens for a live space show which will illustrate the effects of science in the real world while captivating the audience.  The presentation is a "FUN" approach and strategy for teaching science, math, music and language arts to elementary and middle school students. The show is over 1 ½ hours of interactive, fun for a multitude of audiences from Preschool through 8th grade, integrating the subjects using a space science theme while using 110+ audience participants. The bigger and older you are, the more fun I will have with you. 

 PROGRAM: Manifest 

–  (Floating ball) Introduction 

-  Rules for presentation * Science is Magic 

-  Magic tricks  

–  U.S. flag & ball/stick trick

-  Pink floating hanky 

-  Color Changing Hanky 

-  Red Hanky 

-  Disappearing mouse & card/orange trick (use Magic Wand) - 1 child  

-  Disappearing coke bottle 

-  Pringle & coke bottle trick - 1 child 

-  Bottle upside down trick 

-  Yellow dot trick 

-  Cobra tie trick 

-  Crayon card trick - 1 child  

* I'VE GOT THE POWER – MUSIC - D’lite thumbs  

* Mission: Knowledge is Power – Yell it to the audience. 

* ALIENS! * Knowledge is Power  

- Ping-pong Balls - 4 smart people  - Open/Closed Circuits 

– Energy balls – 2 adults 

- Energy sticks – 3 adults and 6 children 

* Mission: Knowledge is Power – Yell it to the audience. 

* ALIENS!  * Knowledge is Power  

* Chemical/Physical Changes 

- Physical change, magic scissors & sheet of paper - 1 child, 1 adult 

- Chemical change – flash paper 

- Create snow - 1 child 

- Purple Paradox experiment - 1 child 

* Mission: Knowledge is Power – Yell it to the audience. 

* ALIENS! * Knowledge is Power  

* Matter - balloons (Is air matter?) 

- Bed of nails - 1 child, 1 adult 

- Balloon pop with pin and skewer 1 child, 3 adults 

* Acids/Bases - vinegar and baking soda – experiments - Watch reaction in glass (made carbon dioxide gas) - Catch gas in wine bottle & balloon (blows up balloon) – say magic words 

- Force of reaction with wine bottle & cork (shoot cork off bottle) 

* Sound Vibrations  - Tuning rod - Metal sound rod 

- Colored string machine 

- Slinky - 1 adult 

- Shuttle telephone phone – 2 children 

- Red and green sound tubes – 6 children 

- Thunder tubes – 2 adults 

- Chicken Cups – 12 people  

* Air Pressure  - Bottle fountain – 1 child 

- Blue air gun - 1 adult 

- Marshmallow crusher – 1 adult 

- Air pressure mat & stool - 1 child, 1 adult 

- Levitron high flyers - 1 child, 1 adult 

- Rocket launcher – 2 children 

- Air bags – 6 children, 6 adults 

- Blower & toilet paper – 1 child 

*  Newton's Laws of Motion

 - 1st Law – body at rest tends to stay at rest – 1 adult (inertia machine) 

- 2nd Law – rolling ball will change directions/speed if hit by a bigger ball  – 1 adult 

- 3rd Law – opposite and equal reactions – 8 children, 2 adults (rocket balloons) 

-  Opposite/Equal reaction – yo-yo – 3 children 

-  Balloon race – opposite/equal reaction – 1 child, 1 adult 

* Forces  - Centrifugal Force with bucket of water 

- Screaming balloons – 3 children, 3 adults 

- Crushing egg in palm of hand – 6 children, 6 adults 

* Expanding/Contracting - Expanding baby bottle – 2 children 

- Hoberman Sphere – 5 children 

* Crushing Cans  -  Aluminum cans crushed with air pressure 

* Alcohol/Water  – White hanky set on fire and does not burn 

* Van de Graaf Generator  - Static electricity (fun fly sticks) - 1 child, 1 adult 

- Hair rising (audience volunteers) * 

* Test

Pricing:  $175.00 for a two hour show no matter how many children you invite. Set-up time is about 45 minutes to an hour, so please allow for this time when scheduling your party/event. Tear-down time is a bit faster, but still in the 45 minute range. The show will involve 110+ volunteers from your audience to participate in the experiments. Props include a 1/2 scale inflatable model of the nosecone of the Endeavor space craft, six foot astronaut holding a U.S. flag and an LED mission control board.

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