About Me

My Background


I grew up as an Army Brat living in Germany for six years. After graduating college in three years at age 41, my husband and I moved to Guam to teach.  After my divorce, I married a U.S. Air force pilot 

and have traveled the world as a diplomat at the 

U.S. Embassy in Budapest and London. 

My Hobbies


When I retired from teaching and government service, I got three parti yorkies who keep me 

pretty busy. I love to make clothes for them and 

take them for a ride in my corvette. 

I wrote a time travel romance novel 

and a science book about my space show.

Parti Yorkies

My Favorite Things


My favorite things include my 2014 pink corvette stingray. I love to have parties and decorate for holidays , especially Halloween. I love children and love to see their faces light up when I do magic tricks for them. I love my friends and family. 

Love to dance and love unusual necklaces

Pink Corvette

Mess Dress Party Shirts


Hobby - When I went to my first military ball with Michael, I was so surprised to see his formal, white Mess Dress shirt transform into this amazing pink skull and cross bone shirt when he took off his jacket.  It was a tradition in his fighter squadron to wear these custom shirts during formal dining events. After years of wearing the same shirt, I decided to make him some new ones. It took me about eight hours to make one shirt from start to finish. The hardest part was ripping out the sleeves, cuffs and back of the shirt without damaging the new shirt. Putting it back together is the fun part!   Believe that one?

Party Shirts

Pirate Enthusiast


Since I love Halloween so much, we started hosting a Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween Party each  year. My son looks like Johnny Depp in his Captain Jack Sparrow costume. So with the pirate theme, guests fly in from California, Pennsylvania, Canada and Florida to spend the week at our home and participate in all the fun activities. This year we will play the Minute-to-Win-it games along with hiring a professional photographer and magician. Last year we had a belly dancer and an Elvis impersonator. Our front and backyard transform into a pirate wonderland with about 35 skeleton pirates.  



Famous Family Members


My Mother-in-Law, Augusta (Gusty) Hart  (deceased), was a very famous opera star in Europe in her younger days and went by the stage name of  Gusty Rainhoff.

My son, Michael Bojtos, is a singer/actor in New York.  Michael holds a BFA in Music Theatre Performance as well as a BFA in Theatre Education from East Carolina University. He has been seen across North America, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and South East Asia performing along with such stars as Ted Neeley, Corey Glover, and Diana DeGarmo. He was currently cast in the Rock of Ages 10th Anniversary Tour to open in Oct 2018.


1996 National State Teacher of the Year - Guam

   Sandra Bojtos Hart earned her B.S. degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education from California University of PA in 1991, graduating with highest honors – Summa Cum Laud, and has 31 credits towards a master’s degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Guam - GPA. 4.0. During her years as a teacher, she earned numerous awards along the way, such as the recipient of the 1995 Outstanding Pacific Educator: "Reaching for the Stars Excellence Award" given by the Pacific Region Educational Laboratory (PRELL), Honolulu, Hawaii for inspired teaching on behalf of children. Her selection as the 1996 National State Teacher of the Year, U.S. Territory of Guam, led to her to become one of the 55 State Finalists in the 1996 National Teacher of the Year Competition, Washington, D.C.  

   As National State Teacher of the Year, Sandra received $10,000 from Citibank, a proclamation from the Governor of Guam, and a citation from the U.S. Congress, which was entered into the Congressional Record.  President Clinton  honored her at a White House recognition ceremony in the Oval Office where she received a Presidential Commendation Letter and later that evening was a guest at a black tie dinner. Sandra was then sent to International Space Camp to train in space science along with 54 teachers from the U.S. and twenty foreign countries. An outcome of this training is Mrs. Hart’s mock space shuttle cabin, which she constructed and when inflated holds approximately 28 children. The shuttle is used as a prop in her one-and-a-half-hour chemistry/ physics interactive space show titled, "Space, Science and Other Things," that she performs for children of all ages and cultures. The show demonstrates simple chemistry and physics experiments using household products along with music, magic, fire, screaming, yelling, candy, aliens and lots of fun. Another product of the show is the publication of her book, Space, Science & Other Things – Elementary (K-8) Interactive Space Show, which details her show for other teachers to perform.   

    In 1999 she was selected as the Department of Defense Teacher of the Year, Guam District. This resulted in her being one of the honored guests at the 1999 Department of Defense Assistant Principal’s Conference held in Tokyo, Japan. Later she was selected to attend the 1999 DoD Far East Technology Conference also held in Tokyo. As a committee member of the DoD Professional Development Institute III, she was sent to the 1996 and 1999 National Education Forum in Washington, D.C. to meet with the Secretary of Education and various educational leaders for the Goals 2000 Program.  

   In 2000, she started working for the Department of Defense as a diplomat for the Defense Attache Office in the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. In 2003, she worked for the same office at the U.S. Embassy London, UK.  She worked there until her retirement in 2014. From there, she retired to Las Vegas, NV.

   She is married to Colonel (ret) Michael C. Hart,  USAF.  She has two sons, James and Michael Bojtos.

   Her oldest son, James Bojtos, is a registered nurse. He is married to Toni, who is also a registered nurse. They have a  daughter, Taylor, age sixteen. Her youngest son, Michael Bojtos, lives in New York and is following a singing career. He was just cast to be in the 10th Anniversary tour for “Rock of Ages.”    

   Sandra's father, Harry Kenneth Cam, Sr., was a retired army sergeant and served with Gen. Patton in WWII. He also served in the Korean Conflict. He passed away in 2008. Sandra's mother, Elizabeth Suzzana (Messaros) Cam, lives with her sister, Maryann Lloyd,  in PA.

   Michael's father, Charles Hart, (deceased) was an Army Major. His mother, Augusta (Gusty) Hart (deceased), was a very famous opera star in Europe in her younger days and went by the stage name of Gusty Rainhoff.  It's amazing how she resembled Reese Weatherspoon. Sadly, Gusty passed away on 25 May 2010. Now she is singing with the angels.


Legends of AeroSpace Tour - 12 March 2010

Neil Armstrong


  • First man to set foot on the moon (July 20, 1969)
  • Astronaut - Gemini 8, Apollo 11
  • U.S. Naval Aviator and Korean War combat pilot
  • Research test pilot on numerous aircraft including the X-1B thru X-15
  • Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati

Gene Cernan


  • Last man to leave his footprints on the moon - Dec. 1972
  • U.S. Naval Aviator
  • Astronaut - Gemini 9, Apollo 10, Apollo 17
  • Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps at Purdue University
  • Only man to descend to the moon twice
  • Author: "Last Man on the Moon"

Jim Lovell


  • Apollo 13 Commander - April 1970
  • Astronaut - Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, Apollo 13
  • U.S. Naval Academy Graduate, aviator and test pilot
  • Member first crew to orbit the moon
  • One of only 3 men to travel to the moon twice
  • Co-authored "Lost Moon" with Jeffrey Kluger, which became the basis for the movie, "Apollo 13"

Steve Ritchie


  • Only USAF fighter pilot "ACE" since Korea
  • 5 MIG-21 kills (May-Aug. 1972)
  • 339 Combat Missions/800 Combat Hours - F-4 Phantoms
  • Graduate/Instructor, USAF "Top Gun School"
  • Still flies the F-104 Starfighter (the world's fastest low-altitude airplane)

Robert J. Gilliland

- Chief test pilot and first to fly the SR-71 Blackbird, 1964

  • Chief test pilot and first to fly the SR-71 Blackbird, 1964
  • U.S. Naval Academy graduate, Annapolis
  • Korean War combat pilot flying F-84s
  • Has logged more time above Mach 2 and Mach 3 then anyone else
  • Test pilot on the F-104 Starfighter

David Hartman


  • Emmy Award winner, TV News Documentaries
  • Original host ABC Good Morning America, 1975-1987
  • Host of the "Walk Through" series on PBS
  • Retired USAF officer
  • Aviation and Space writer 

On 12 Mar 2010, I had the special opportunity to meet and shake hands with my HEROES, the Legends of Aerospace (Neil Armstrong- first man to walk on the moon, Gene Cernan - the last man to walk on the moon, Jim Lovell- Apollo 13, Steve Richie- Vietnam Ace, and Bob Gilliland-first to fly the SR-71, (the Blackbird.) Imagine an hour of listening to their stories and hanging on to their every word, imaging that you were right there with them on their dangerous journeys. Gene Cernan and BG Richie signed my Space Show book. I will treasure the book forever. It doesn't get any better than that. When Gene Cernan said that we should try and get the children today motivated about space, a big smile came on my face since that is exactly what I do with my space show. General Kevin Chilton, USAF, who completed three space missions with two of them in the Endeavor signed my book: "Sandra, Thank you for this wonderful book and your dedicated efforts to inspire our youth...who of course are our future!! Warmest Regards, Kevin Chilton, Gen. USAF, NASA Astronaut STS 49, 59, & 76."  I look forward to my next show knowing that I am inspiring the children of tomorrow.