A few of my favorite pictures from the many places that I have traveled since moving from Pennsylvania.

Abu Dhabi - Michael

Abu Dhabi

Dhabi at Ciro's Pomodoro - Ciro Orsini, Sandra, Saeed Hareb, owner of the Le Meridian

Michael & Sandra (wedding aniversary in Abu Dhabi)


Australia - Honeymoon


Australia - Mountain Train Ride

Australia - Swim in Great Barrier Reef -

You couldn't get me in that water with all those big fish!

Australia - Michael, Vinnie, Vaughn

Australia - Great Barrier Reef - Honeymoon Swim


Bali - Dancers at Dinner

Belgium -Brussels

Budapest - USO Tour - Bo Derek

Budapest - USO Tour

Budapest - 4th of July - Mikey, Holly, Michael, Sandi, Margaret

Budapest - Queen and King of Hungary

Budapest - Sandra

Budapest - Halloween

Budapest - Michael

Budapest - Sandra

Budapest - Mom, Dad and Sandra

Chicago - Comedy at the Improv -

Didn't know I was also a stand-up comic!




Egypt - Michael

Egypt - Sandra

Huntsville, AL - Sandra in a F-4 C Fighter

Grand Canyon - Michael

October Fest - Munich, Germany - 2006

Peter Hamann, Michael, Eva Hamann, Sandra & Michael Hamann at Hamann Farm in Germany

Grand Canyon

Guam - Maryann, Michael, Sandra and friends

Guam - Tuman Bay

Guam - Dad, Mom and Sandra

Guam - USS Kitty Hawk - Maryann, Mom and Sandra

Hawaii - Airport - Sandra and Mikey

U.S. Space Camp - Group Picture -

Can you find me with my brown hair?

Huntsville - Saturn 5 Rocket at Space Camp

1996 International Space Camp Parade of Nations -

I represented Guam.

Ireland - This is last port of the Titanic and the place where my father's mother left Ireland to go to the U.S.

Washington, D.C. - Jim, Sandra, Dad

London - Changing of the Guard

London - Roaring Twenties party - I'm on the right.

London - Mikey and Michael

London - Roaring Twenties Party - Michael and Don Salvage

Marine Ball 2003 - London

London - Mikey and Sandra

London - Royal Ascot with the Queen

London - Wax Museum

Normandy - 60th Anniversary of D-Day - Dad landed there on the second week! He's my hero!

France - Place where they burned Joan of Arc

Paris - Mikey and Sandra

Paris - Mikey and Sandra

Paris Versailles - Sandra and Mikey

Paris - The Louvre


Rome - Sandra, Dad and Mom

Rome - Dad, Mom and Michael

Rome - Dad & Mom


London - Royal Ascot - Look at the Crowd

Chiangmai, Thailand - Had my bag stolen at Paddington Station in London and lost my camera with all my other pictures

Fred, Michael, Eva and Sandi - Thailand

Fred and Michael in Thailand

Sandi and Eva in Thailand

MIchael is so brave in Thailand.

Japan - Toyoko Airport - Barbara and Sandra

At the Equator - Vinnie and Michael

Mexico - Michael - Went on Carnival Cruise

Venice - Sept 2006

Venice - Michael at famous bridge

Venice - Our hotel (Carlton) by the white umbrellas

Vienna - Mikey and Sandra

Guam - Rehersal for Wedding -

This is spooky! No flaw in the camera - no extra light

Guam - Rehersal for Wedding -

We have a spirit visitor - no flaw in the camera. Only these rehersal pictures in the church have the light in them.

Guam - Rehersal for Wedding -

My guardian angel is attending.


Guam - Rehersal for Wedding -

Angel is getting flaw in camera

Guam - Wedding -

No light, no flaw in camera, but then the angel decides to attend.

Guam - Wedding -

The angel is back, light coming out of no where.

Guam - Wedding -

See it isn't a flaw in the camera. The priest couldn't explain it. Said there is something there with!

Michael, Sandra, Patrick Swayze, Julia, Ciro in London - Guys and Dolls Show 2006

Sandra & Patrick Swayze - Guys and Dolls London 2006

Ciro, Julia, Sandra & Michael at Guys & Dolls Show in London

Michael & Ciro with member of White Snake at Ciro's Restaurant in London

Dnash, Sandra, Maryann (sister), Ciro and Michael at Ciro's Restaurant in London

Michael arrives in London. Picked him up in a stretch Limo. Nice surprise for him.

Marine Ball U.S. Embassy London - 2008

New Year's Eve in London 2008 with Jan and Don Salvage.


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