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mission control board

Mission Control







Photo Gallery for Space Show

These are pictures taken from previous shows of "Space Science and Other Things." Student faces have been blocked out for privacy reasons. Some of the pictures are over ten years old and do not have very good picture quality, but you can still see what is happening in the show. The diagrams below are from the space book.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Stage Set Up London 2009

Show London 2009

2009 Astronaut

13th Air Force Volunteers at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

Stage Set Up

Matter Experiments with Balloons

Aliens Arrive During the Show

Space Camp Patches for Student T-Shirt Uniforms

Sound Wave Experiments

Newton's 3rd Law Of Motion - Opposite and Equal Reaction

Directions for Building a Space Shuttle for 25 Students

Air Pressure Experiments Using Air Bags

Air Pressure Experiments

Stuffed Astronaut

Fire Experiments - Doesn't Burn the Handkerchief

Van De Graaf Experiment - Making Lightning

Mission Control Song by Carmino Ravosa

2nd Grade Class Guam South Elementary School, Guam

Mission Control in Las Vegas, Nevada

More Air Pressure Experiments

Mission Control on Guam

Space Show in Cafeteria on Guam

Ideas for Bulletin Board

Magic Trick - Using Magic Wand (Where did the mouse go?)

Sound Vibrations Using Chicken Cups

Sound Vibrations - Chicken Cups - Small Cups and Large Cups

Hoberman Spheres Used for Expanding and Contracting Molecules

Mission Control and Table with Supplies

Forces - You Can't Break That Raw Egg!

Aliens - Goo Goo and Me Too From the Planet Goo Gone - They want the power!

Magician's Flash Paper Used for Chemical Change Experiment

Air Pressure at West Ruislip Elementary in London , UK

Forces - Guam South Elementary School Guam, U.S.A.

Guam South Elementary School Audience Volunteers

Las Vegas 1st Grade Class in Space Camp T-Shirts

Newton's Third Law of Motion Balloon Race - London

They hit me on the head - what a shock!

Andersen Air Force Base Guam - 13th Air Force Base Volunteers

Home-made Alien Costume

Very First Space Show Stage, D.S. Johnson Elementary School, Rocky Mount, NC

Stuffed Astronaut and Karen (Teacher at Feltwell Elementary School, UK)

Stage Set Up at Feltwell, UK

NASA Micro Fiber for Magic Trick - Floating Ball

I'ver Got the Power - D'Lite Magic Thumbs

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