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“Damien, if I may call you that, this will seem strange to you, but you must listen. Somehow nature has played a terrible trick on you. There was no storm last night. Look around you. Everything is dry. When the lightning struck you it sent you into the future, your Grace. It’s not the nineteenth century anymore. The date is June 26, 2005. You have traveled through time one hundred and sixty—six years.” Sara declared.

Damien now knew the young woman was definitely insane, ‘travel through time indeed’ he thought. But there was something in her eyes that told him she was not insane and was telling him the truth. That would explain a lot of things. Lord Downing’s men were right on top of him when the lightning struck and would surely have captured him even if he was thrown from Black Jack. That would explain why he was still wet from the rain and the ground looked as if it had not rained in days. But that was absurd. People did not travel through time, especially into the future. That would be the wildest stretch of his imagination.

Somewhere Out There - Time Travel Romance  

An Extraordinary Man...An Extraordinary Twist of Fate...An Extraordinary Love Story!

 Damion Book Cover                Damien back cover

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"Somewhere Out There" Song by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram

Description:    rose

The Duke of Norfolk, has been having strange dreams of falling into a deep, dark hole and being rescued by a green-eyed lady in white. Smuggler Lord Richard Downing cheats Damien’s brother out of the Whitehall fortune. Damien devises a plan to get back his family's wealth. One dark, stormy night, dressed as a highwayman, he steals Lady Downing’s jewels and by some mysterious trick of nature, he is transported through time. Focus shifts to the present. American Mary Ann Downing receives word that she has inherited half of a manor in England. She and her friend Sara travel to London to look over Mary Ann’s inheritance and make arrangements to sell her half to her cousin, Richard Downing. Sara falls in love with a portrait of Damien at Whitehall Manor and is shocked to meet him when he travels through time. Can Damien once again try to save his home and his life from the descendent of the man who tried to kill him in the past?


Printed: 255 pages, 6.00" x 9.00", perfect binding, 60# cream interior paper, black and white interior ink , 100# exterior paper, full-color exterior ink.  Also available in hardcopy.

ISBN: 1-4116-5784-5                  Copyright: © 2005  Standard Copyright License

happy face   Reviews:

Passionate Seduction, Shocking Deceit and Grand Adventure!   7 Apr 2006 by Maryann Humberger
The story is a spellbinding time travel voyage, filled with passionate seduction, shocking deceit and grand adventure. The love scenes are tasteful, yet lusty and amorous. The characters are well-rounded and believable. The adventure is very fast paced with action upon action making the reader want to continue to see what will happen next. I was drawn into the romance when Sara first stared into Damien’s eyes in his portrait. I was excited when they first meet in the woods. I felt Sara’s apprehension as she realized that the duke had traveled through time and her imaginary love was very much alive as held her down on the ground and took his first kiss from her. I felt disgust for Richard Downing as well as his descendent and wondered what they would do to rid their lives of the young duke. As I read the story, I empathized with the hero coming to my own conclusion on what would happen to him and was surprised and anxious upon the conclusion. If you want an enjoyable, yet highly sexual adventure, then read the book and take pleasure in the happy ending. Damien’s dark good looks will capture your heart from the first chapter and will become an unforgettable hero.

Spellbinding...True Page Turner     21 May 2006 by Charles Spencer

An outstanding read that had me literally spellbound!  Normally not enamored with romance novels since I am a Tom Clancy fan, but this book was the exception. Author obviously spent time researching and relaying authenticity of the time period ranging from the characters clothing to the locale; I should know because I live in London!  Plot is well developed and logical yet one cannot guess where the story and characters are going.  Superb story and I recommend it highly.  Do hope that a sequel is coming. Cheers.

An Excellent Read     20 Jan 2006 by David Roberts

An excellent read, for lovers of Romantic Novels, with a fascinating interweave of characters and time journeying. Best wishes for your sales – who knows, maybe future T.V. or film rights also!
A wonderful tale     31 Dec 2005 by Angela Hooper
Somewhere Out There is a delightful, charming love story, with a different theme- our lovers are brought together across time, their lifestyles years apart, but their love is timeless. A beautiful story, with smugglers, highwayman, old fashioned love, modern romance, and a dramatic ending. A great book to read.
Awesome Book! I couldn't put it down     13 Dec 2005 by Betty Cam
The story is very fast paced and exciting with lots of twists and turns. Loved the way it shifted to the future and had a happy ending. Was late for work because I just kept wanting to read the book. A perfect love story that made me feel good.

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