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Somewhere out there in this world it seems, love awaits me in my deepest dreams.

Through the boundaries of time he came to me, to fulfill his endless destiny.

Somewhere out there, someone heard my prayer and blessed me with his love so rare.

I looked into the heart of my soul and found emptiness, loneliness.

I looked into the eyes of the portrait and found hope, love.

Somewhere out there, there are no rules, of where true love begins and fantasy ends.

 by Sandra Hart


The Duke of Norfolk, Damien Whitehall, is whisked away from 1820 London into the 21st century. Can he survive the descendent of the man who tried to kill him in the past? Once more he fights for his life, but this time, he also fights for his true love.


Copyright © 2005 by Sandra Bojtos Hart, 

All Rights Reserved

Edited by Angela Hooper

 Cover design by Sandra Hart

 Photograph of Big Ben ©Steve Ullathorne

 ISBN: 1-4116-5784-5

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