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 Teachers are always looking for ways to enhance their lessons and to make learning fun and relevant for their students. As a science teacher, my idea was to use a space show theme to get students motivated about science. My show included a lot of my favorite experiments from my classroom. Over the years I have presented the show with my first, second and fifth grade students in Las Vegas, Guam, Hungary and London. I have also done the show at other schools without my classroom students and only used audience participation. The audience has been as large as five hundred students and parents, to as little as forty students. U.S. Military members serving overseas would always pitch in and help with the sound system and help with playing the aliens in the show (U.S. Marines and other air force officers). Requests from teachers to have a book about the show (so they could remember all of the experiments for their classroom) encouraged me to write a teacherís manual for other teachers. Space Camp in Huntsville, AL, gave me a license to use their logos in the book to make student uniforms. Space Science and Other Things - Elementary (K-8) Interactive Space Show, ISBN: 1-4116-4764-6.

Currently, teachers from four schools in my area are using the book and will do the space show at their schools this spring. If you have the chance, please preview the book and let me know if you think it would help you. I'm not a professional writer, and would love to hear feedback from teachers or anyone. Please leave your comments in the guest book. 

On May 30, 2014, I retired from government service and my husband and I moved to sunny and beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. To keep my hand in education, I will be doing my two-hour space show at various locations around town. Watch for the adds. If you want to schedule a show for your child's birthday party, please email for details. I wish you all the best and see you in space.


I just want to thank all of the people who have supported me and have purchased my books. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading the time travel novel and have liked the story. Please leave some feedback.

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